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Private Lessons

What are Private Lessons?

Private Lessons provide personalized, holistic instruction designed to ensure that core music concepts are taught in conjunction with each student's individual music learning goals. We believe that all music learning should include music exploration, performing, theoretical knowledge, ear training, rhythm training and listening exercises where many musical genres are discovered. Our teachers follow well-researched curriculum and provide all the learning tools you will need to succeed. Private Lessons integrate a variety of creative teaching tools and techniques to keep students engaged, and we encourage all students to be “active explorers” of music. Private Lessons are available for piano, ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, violin and voice.

Our Mission

Chorus FAQ

What Ages Are Eligible?
For youth aged 11 - 15​


Who Qualifies?
Youth from families with a household income of less than $50,000/yr (total income).


Who Is Teaching?
Our teachers are all highly qualified and are dedicated to enhancing their student’s skill and confidence, as well as developing their own musicianship. Our teachers come to us from Crescendo Music Studios and have a background in post-secondary music education.

When Does The Program Run?


Where Does It Take Place?​
6000 Buckingham Dr #160, Sherwood Park, AB

The Value To Students

Students will learn:

  • The building blocks of music

  • To play and perform effectively with their instrument

    • Instruments will be provided.​

  • Music theory

  • Ear and rhythm training

  • Personal development, self-confidence and time management

  • Performance opportunities are available if and when they are ready to do so

How To Apply

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. Write a brief essay regarding your passion for music.

  3. Provide 2 references (preferably non-relative)

  4. Provide proof of household income (tax returns of primary financial supporters)

We Need Your Support Today!

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