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What is Ukulele?

Our Ukulele program provides a well-developed and holistic experience. Students will discover a wide variety of musical styles, and since ukulele is one of the easier instruments to learn, they will soon be playing full songs! Students can even begin with ukulele and then cross over to guitar when they feel ready, as the ukulele is a great stepping stone for younger students who wish to explore a stringed instrument!  We will give you opportunities to perform and gain an appreciation for the stories and inspiration behind the music. 

Our Mission

Ukulele FAQ

What Ages Are Eligible?
For youth aged 11 - 15​


Who Qualifies?
Youth from families with a household income of less than $50,000/yr (total income).


Who Is Teaching?
Our teachers are all highly qualified and have ukulele teaching experience.  Our lead teachers come to us from Crescendo Music Studios and have a background in post-secondary music education.

When Does The Program Run?
​Early 2023.  Dates to be announced.


Where Does It Take Place?​
6000 Buckingham Dr #160, Sherwood Park, AB

The Value To Students

Students will learn:​

  • The building blocks of music

  • Chord composition & shapes

  • Early instrument education

    • Instruments will be provided​

  • Team collaboration and personal development

  • Performance coaching


How To Apply

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. Write a brief essay regarding your passion for music.

  3. Provide 2 references (preferably non-relative)

  4. Provide proof of household income (tax returns of primary financial supporters)

We Need Your Support Today!

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