Rock Band

What is Rock Band?

The Encore Rock Band program provides a well-developed and holistic rock band music experience.  Participants learn top 40 pop and rock songs with a group of like-minded musicians, developing their own stage presence and finding out what being in a band is all about. The foundation of this cool exterior is a great program that helps develop musicianship, listening skills, speaking skills, teamwork, and creative problem-solving!


Rock Band FAQ

What Ages Are Eligible?
For youth aged 11 - 14​


Who Qualifies?
Youth from families with a household income of less than $50,000/yr (total income).


Who Is Teaching?
Our teachers are all highly qualified and have rock band coaching and teaching experience.  Our lead teachers come to us from Crescendo Music Studios and have a background in post-secondary music education.

When Does The Program Run?
​To be continued for Fall 2022.


Where Does It Take Place?​
Our new location! 6000 Buckingham Dr #160, Sherwood Park, AB

The Value To Students

In term one students will learn:

  • Basic song structure

  • Chord composition & shapes

  • Early instrument education

    • Encore will supply first term students with​

      • A mini guitar neck for guitar "chord shape" practice at home​

      • or a roll up keyboard for our piano players

      • or drum sticks for our drummers

  • Team collaboration and personal development

  • Performance coaching

How To Apply

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. Write a brief essay regarding your passion for music.

  3. Provide 2 references (preferably non-relative)

  4. Provide proof of household income (tax returns of primary financial supporters)

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